8/14 Reaction: Yanks Keep Rollin’!

The Yankees won again pushing their streak to four in a row and five of their last six. It was another strong showing by the offense and another solid performance from Nova on the mound, even if it wasn’t his best game of the year.

With an early lead, there wasn’t much pressure on Nova from the beginning and it showed. He wasn’t as sharp as he has been his past few starts. Despite that he still finished the day with a line of 7.1 IP 3ER 10H and 6Ks. Not phenomenal, but very solid nonetheless. Claiborne came into relieve Nova in the eighth and gave up two hits and no runs over 1.2 IP of work.

The offense exploded for the second night in a row, led mainly by Alfonso Soriano. He got the game off to a quick start with a grand slam in the first inning. Overall he went 3-3 with a 2B, 2 HRs , a BB and 7 RBIs. Cano and Granderson each had an RBI and Steward had the last two. This offense is finally starting to look like it could compete for spot in the postseason. Now we just need some consistency.

Tomorrow the Yankees take on the Angels in the last game of this four game series. It’ll be C.J. Wilson (12-6, 3.49) against Phil Hughes (4-11, 4.99). We’re gonna need the last two night’s offense for sure.


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8/14: Keep It Going

With a right on the mound, Gardner will be back in the lineup leading off. You can see Girardi really likes piling his lefties together against a RH SP. Here’s the rest of the lineup:

Gardner 8
Suzuki 9
Cano 4
Rodriguez 5
Granderson DH
Soriano 7
Overbay 3
Nunez 6
Stewart 2
Nova 1


Nova has been on fire recently, posting a 2.03 ERA over his last 57.1 IP with 55 K to only 15 BB.

Enjoy the game!

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8/11 Reaction: Another Walk Off!

First, just look at this play. That saved the game at that point right there. The Tigers looked like they were going to get something started, and then Gardner flashes the leather. Not to mention the walk off HR he would have the next inning.

Rivera blew another save, his third in a row. That’s the first time he’s ever done that in his career. I’m not going to lie, I am a little worried about him, considering he’s 43, but at the same time, its hard to be worried about the greatest closer of all time. The two HRs he gave up were to the two best hitters in the Tigers’ lineup, Cabrera and Martinez, so its not like some AAA scrub is getting to him. They are just truly amazing hitters. Continue reading

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8/9 Reaction: Walk Off Magic

I can hear it now. “He’s done.” “That’s two in a row.” “Why’d we bring him back, he’s 43?” At one point or another during the course of the season Mo usually goes through a couple of games where he reminds everyone that he’s human. We’ve reached that point this year. There may be another rough outing or two but then he’ll find his groove again and look like the Mariano who racked up 643 career saves. But he never let them get ahead, that’s something I think is often over looked. He kept them in the game. He’s still the best; just not perfect. Continue reading

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8/7 Reaction: CC Didn’t Suck!

If there’s one thing to take away from this game, its that CC finally turned it around (kind of). While his line of 7.1IP 5H 3ER K doesn’t sound ‘ace-like’ its infinitely better than his previous 5 starts. Its also worth mentioning that he was dominating the game up until the 7th inning. His location was much better as it appears that he was able to raise his arm slot to its more natural position. Although his velocity didn’t increase, his fastball was still sitting at 90-92, his improved location proved that he can be successful with diminished velocity.

This game was a shocker in many aspects. CC pitched well, and Mo blew a save. He entered the 9th with a 4-3 lead and proceeded to quickly retire the first two batters. Then he gave up a double to right center to Gordon Beckham. Adam Dunn pinch hit with the opportunity to tie the game up. Rivera quickly got ahead with two back door cutters for called strikes. The next pitch is where I have a problem. He goes back to the back door cutter for the third straight pitch. While I understand he throws the nastiest cutter known to man, you cannot throw the same pitch in the same spot three times and expect a good results. Unless the hitter is blind, he’s got a pretty good shot at hitting the third pitch. But hey, hindsight is always 20/20 right? Continue reading

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8/2: CC Needs To Turn It Around

150018171230337--525x415I’m pretty excited for this game (and this series), for many reasons. It may not be immediately obvious considering CC’s recent performance and the fact that this Yankees offense is atrocious. What I’m looking forward to is Granderson’s return, and I have a feeling that CC is going to turn his season around starting tonight.  Continue reading

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Yankees Silent At The Deadline

Well the non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone and the Yankees’ roster looks the same as it did yesterday. With an offense that ranks near the bottom of the league in nearly every relevant statistical category, no significant upgrades doesn’t bode well for the teams playoff chances this year. Continue reading

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